Architects appointed “Best British Live Band”

By on September 24, 2018

“Best British Live Band” at Kerrang! Awards 2018 comes to Sweden! Brighton band Architects is one of Europe’s best and most popular live bands – releasing its extremely awaited eighth studio album (“Holy Hell”) November 9th. Band’s first since founder Tom Searle’s tragic death. Shortly thereafter, January 6, the band will finally return to Sweden. Fryshuset will boil in January, when Architects (+ Beartooth and Polaris) occupies the house!

“Holy Hell” becomes the band’s first album release since 2016 and the tragic passing of founder / guitarist Tom Searle after his three-year fight against cancer. Tom’s twin brother and the band’s drummer Dan comments:

“In those first months after Tom’s death, I didn’t deal with it at all and I felt so unhappy and anxious. I’d ignored it and just tried to cope. But I knew that at some point, I had to learn from it.”

Singer Sam Carter adds:

“It’s at times like that you ask yourself, ‘What is left?’. As a group of friends, we had to find something.”

The band felt they stood at a crossroads where they could take one of two choices, says Dan:

“Feel sorry for yourself and believe the world to be a horrible place and let it defeat you. Or let it inspire us to live the life that Tom would have wanted us to live. I was very worried about people taking away a despondent message from the album. I felt a level of responsibility to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for people who are going through terrible experiences.”

That the new album will be very special, there is no doubt. That the concert at Fryshuset January 6 becomes emotional is as sure as that. Architects are world-renowned for their live performances, and through these and through the work of the new album they can process the grief of losing a friend and a band member. Dan Searle finishes:

“For me, broadly speaking Holy Hell is about pain: the way we process it, cope with it, and live with it. There is value in pain. It’s where we learn, it’s where we grow.”

January 6th, we welcome Architects to the Fryshuset with open arms – for a special evening together.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm