Anna Pettersson and Johan Rabaeus disagree in Strindbergs Fadren

By on June 22, 2017

In a collaboration between Dramaten and Strindberg’s Intima Theater, Johan Rabaeus (Cavalry captain) and Anna Pettersson (his wife Laura) meet in an intense match in one of Strindberg’s most played plays. Premiere on August 24 at Strindbergs Intima Theater. Dramaten premiere on September 30th.

How should you really refer to the Fadren, which was written in 1887, today? It is something that the actor Johan Rabaeus and director Anna Pettersson do not agree at all.

– After my set of Ibsen’s Vildanden, I and Johan have had a lot of hot discussions about different ways of interpreting and drawing drama. We have very different positions regarding expression, form and style of play. As it is exciting with different approaches, I thought it would be fun to bring the disagreement and tension between us on stage, says Anna Pettersson, who both directs and plays as an actor.

Fadren is one of August Strindberg’s most played plays, translated into many languages. The play depicts a struggle between man and woman, a struggle that the environment in every way is drawn into. At Dramaten it was last set up 1997 by Staffan Valdemar Holm.

– The cavalry captain and Laura have the same kind of tension field and contradictions between them as myself and Johan. Strindberg is unique in writing dialogues in the form of quarrel. Nobody can, like him, create the musical pressure and catchiness of the replica flows, says Anna Pettersson.

Director and actor Anna Pettersson is manager of Strindberg’s Intima Theater, and noted for her innovative sets of August Strindberg’s Miss Julie and Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler and Vildanden.

Johan Rabaeus, in addition to his work in radio, television and film, has participated in over 30 Dramaten productions since 1984. In recent years, he has been featured on the Main Stage in Peter Langdals’ set of Amadeus and Gösta Ekman’s set of The Greedy.

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