Ann Petrén and Claes Malmberg as a strange couple in Hemsöborna

By on March 4, 2017

August Strindberg’s beloved archipelago classic Hemsöborna from 1887 becomes theater on the main stage. In the roles of the odd couple Madame Flod and Carlsson we see Ann Petrén and Claes Malmberg. Directs makes Stefan Metz. Premiere March 17 at the Culture House City Theatre.

Madame Flod is a widow and owns a dilapidated farm in Hemsö in the archipelago. The son Gusten devoted to hunting and pleasure – the farm, he is uninterested of. To get help with the farm, she puts an ad in the newspaper. Carlsson answers.

Carlsson is a Varmlander with unclear background and big ambitions. He’ll get the farm back on its feet. And he succeeds in a surprisingly short time. Both with it – and to win Madame Flod’s heart. But Gusten’s heart he doesn’t win.

August Strindberg’s beloved archipelago drama Hemsöborna (1887) is one of our really big stories. A loving portrayal of the hard life on an archipelago island and a somewhat merciless yet humorous portrayal of human nature.

– Hemsöborna tells about lives of people of hard work and barren climate bordered by dramatic love problems, jealousy, ambitions and disappointments. Unrequited love, feelings of inadequacy and the driving force to create a better life are universal issues, says director Stefan Metz.

Ann Petrén and Claes Malmberg doing the lead roles, which will be the first time they play against each other.

– Madame Flod is an authority widow who marries down to become legally incompetent. The passion, the love makes her blind but in the end she gets sight back, says Ann Petrén and continues:

– We are brave to give us on this beloved tale. Madame Flod may not completely become as August imagined. August cared more about Carlsson, I think.

For Claes Malmberg it will also be his debut at the Culture House City Theatre.

– I’m very happy to be here and to be working with Ann and Stefan and all the others in the team. And I feel a great responsibility to this role. Hemsöborna is engraved in the soul of the people and is perhaps the of Strindberg stories that people know best. Many probably have a picture of this is a trivial story, but for me it grows the more I work with it. I see it as a Swedish Peer Gynt – a story about a person’s class trip, rise and fall, which makes it feel current today, says Claes Malmberg.

Hemsöborna is inspired by Kymmendö in the Stockholm archipelago, which was Strindberg’s paradise where he spent seven summers. The characters are based on real people living on the island, the family Berg and Ericsson. Strindberg wrote the novel when he lived in exile on a peninsula in Germany.

When SVT series based on Hemsöborna with Sif Ruud as Madame Flod and Allan Edwall as Carlsson aired in the late 1960s looked as good as everyone who had a television set.

In the role of Madame Flod’s suspiciously son Gusten we see Leonard Terfelt. In other roles Frida Westerdahl, Anna Wallander, Ulf Eklund, Shebly Niavarani and Gerhard Hoberstorfer among others.

A small orchestra consisting of two musicians performing new composed music and six acrobats will also participate in the show.

by August Strindberg

Premiere March 17 on the Main Stage

Dramatization: Bertil Arlmark and Ragnar Lyth
Processing: Åsa Lindholm
Director: Stefan Metz
Sets and costumes: Alex Tarragüel Rubio
Lighting: Linus Fellbom
Mask: Sara Englund

In the roles
Carlsson: Claes Malmberg
Madame Flod: Ann Petrén
Gusten: Leonard Terfelt
Norman: Shebly Niavarani
Clara: Frida Westerdahl
Lotten: Anna Wallander
Rundqvist: Ulf Eklund
Nordström: Gerhard Hoberstorfer
Ida: Lotti Törnros
The professor and others: Anders Johannisson

Musicians: Pär Ulander and David Tallroth

Acrobats: Hanna Gustafsson, Maria Kuzmin, Maria Jernström, Henning Attlin, Petter Skoglund and Niclas Dedorsson

Photographer: Carl Thorborg

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