Amazon and Dramatic Theatre presents: Animals

By on October 19, 2016
Artists from diverse parts of the Swedish music landscape converge with the band Amazon for a unique concert at the Royal Dramatic Theatre on 14 November. The songs that are played are known and unknown favorites from the entire pop history that ties in with the evening’s theme: Animals. Dramatic actress Nina Zanjani, Magnus Roosmann and Eric Stern is the night’s host.

Most birds are fusiform and have a physiognomy that is suitable for flight. The lifting forcethey get by a combination of wing form and by flapping their wings.” (Source: Pictures & Facts)

The concert is partly inspired by the newly crowned Nobel laureate Bob Dylan’s radio show Theme Time Radio Hour. Free and enjoyable one-hour program with themes such as “weather” and “money” where Bob Dylan with friends listening to music of diverse kinds, recited poetry, reading faked letters to the editor and generally had fun.

Amazon has gone from being a spontaneous side project to become one of Sweden’s most important bands and an unforgettable live act. The band was started by a group of friends who all included in other Swedish indie pop band: Amanda Bergman (also known as Jaws and Idiot Wind), Pontus Winnberg (part of Miike Snow and producer duo Bloodshy and Avant), his brother Petter Winnberg (from Little Majorette) Nils Törnqvist (Little Majorette) and Gustav Ejstes (from Dungen).

The tickets were released today, Wednesday, October 19, at 12.00 at

Guest performers’ names will be announced at a later date.

November 14th, Main Stage
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