All Saints Celebration with Don Juan by Mozart

By on October 14, 2017

Charlotta Huldt – directs and produces the opera Don Juan where the action has been moved to Mexico during the religious feast Dia de Muertos (the day of death). The holidays originate in the pre spanish American Indian cultures and catholicism. During this weekend people gather to spend time with their deceased for several days on lavishly decorated cemeteries.

– To my big surprise I discovered, when working with the work in Mexico that the play “Don Juan tenorio” of José Zorrilla is played every year, as a chronicle play during the Dia de Muertos (the day of death), their equivalent to the All Saints weekend. The story about Don Juan seduces and touches people all over the world and embodies human existential thoughts of good and evil, of life and death, and where the divine beautiful music of Mozart’s opera drives, tickles and caresses all our senses to ecstasy, says Charlotta.

The performance is sung in Swedish and is played in the powerful and very suitable venue for the performance, Eric Ericson Hall (Skeppsholm Church) in Stockholm at the Modern Museum

Ernesto TresPalacios, Baritone, plays the main role Don Juan and is Cuban / American born in Miami. He works as an international opera singer, but fell in love with Sweden and moved here a few years ago, learned to speak Stockholm in no time and has a mini-greyhound dog called Håkan!

Participants: Don Juan – Ernesto TresPalacios, Leoporello – John Kinell, Donna Anna – Hanna Fritzson, Donna Elvira – Charlotta Huldt, Don Ottavio – Joaquin Munoz, Commander / Mazetto – Michael Schmidberger, Zerlina – Anna Larsdotter Persson

Costume and mask: Helena Andersson,
Chapel master: Majsan Dahling, Eric Skarby, Emilio Bobadilla
Premiere: 31 Oct
Play date: 31 Oct, 1,3,4, 13,14,15, 20,21,22 Nov at 19
Location: Eric Ericson Hall (Skeppsholm Church), Kyrkslingan 2, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm