A new vintage clothing concept that follows current trends

By on February 15, 2017

Vintage Folk Sthlm is a new Swedish vintage shop offering customers handpicked clothing and accessories based on current fashion trends. Their vision is to offer an exclusively handpicked assortment for the fashion mad woman who wants to shop sustainable and still be able to dress in the latest trends.

What makes Vintage Folk Sthlm unique is that each season, the assortment is presented through three key trends. The fashion and retail industry is based on the return of trends but that garments are newly produced each season. The founders of Vintage Folk Stockholm’s philosophy is that each seasons key trend garments already exists in the second hand market and can be re-used when put into the right fashion context.

The idea behind Vintage Folk Stockholm comes from a genuine interest in second hand shopping. Among friends and family of the shops founders, there was a growing interest in slow fashion and recycling of clothes, but a lack of time to spend browsing for the perfect garment in, what seemed to many of them, a vast second hand jungle.

Vintage Folk Sthlm seeks out the hidden gems so that the customer doesn’t have to. The idea is not to create a ’Vintage Look’ but for the customer to have a modern style but still buy environmentally friendly.

Our assortment consists of garments bought in different parts of the world that all have a unique story. Vintage folk hopes that through introducing each garment with a short anecdote or ’fun fact’ we add value to it, our vision being that we inspire our customers to appreciate and re-use garments that subsequently are given a new lease of life.

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