A Floating to Kungsholmen!

By on April 1, 2019

For a long time, the Stockholmers have asked for a Floating at one of Sparadiset’s facilities in Stockholm. At the Sparadiset facility in Malmö, there has been a Floating since the start in 2016 and it is so popular! And now it’s finally time! The facility at Kungsholmen is currently getting a Floating! So exciting!

Floating means that you float in a large tank of 34.8 degree salt water. The treatment is effective against long-term stress-related pain, depression or anxiety. The result can last four months after the treatment period.

According to the researchers, flow treatment is an effective way to trigger the body’s relaxation response. The level of stress hormones drops during and after the flow treatment. The treatment gets increased effect by that prolactin, a kind of “life force hormone”, is excreted in a greater amount.

Stress is very much about worrying about what has been and what is to come. When a human being instead manages to be in a kind of here-and-now state, it becomes a rest for the brain. 45 minutes of liquid state in salt water can correspond to up to six hours of deep sleep.

Something more relaxing than floating does not exist. The experience is individual and can vary from time to time. The feeling is indescribable and must be experienced!

Helena Olofsson, Fashion & Beauty | Kungsholmen