A dance gallop through Stockholm city

By on May 22, 2017

Dance meets public sculpture in Byström Källblad’s concept City Horses.
Saturday 27th of May at 2pm we release the unbridled cortege on streets and squares.

You see them everywhere; The statues with kings and fighters by horse. Stoic. Magnificent. Silence stared out across the world. But where are the women?

This was the starting point for the choreographer Anna Källblad and the artist Helena Byströms work City Horses.
Here, dance meets the public sculptures you daily go past in parks and squares. It will be a city choreography in constant motion – about power, existence and the body of women in the public space.
A tribute, and at the same time a kind of monument, over the horse girls’ strength and courage, entirely in parity with the riders of the horse statues around Europe.

The dancing gallop starts and ends at Norra Latin’s courtyard at Norra Bantorget and passes through Sergels torg, Royal Palace, Kungsträdgården and Humlegården. The start starts at 14 and is expected to be back at Norra Bantorget around 16:00.

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