5 things to do together this fall – a bucket list for increased connexion

By on October 11, 2019

Rest your eyes on a friend instead of a screen and let community be the key word for this fall. We have listed five things to do with someone you like before the end of the year.

1. Eat food together
Learn from the Italians and gather around the dining table. Book a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner with your friends and let it go. Make a list of friends you haven’t seen in a long time but long for and decide with them afterwards.

2. Go on wine tasting
Challenging their senses together is both educational and very fun. Maybe you will learn something new about the wine tasting both about the wines and about each other.

3. Go somewhere else
It does not have to be a long and expensive journey. It is enough to go to another city, or maybe a district. Find a hotel that suits you and your company well and make it a mini vacation.

4. Work out together
Nothing is as weldable as endorphins. Take a walk, a walk, go yoga or challenge yourself with a crossfit bootcamp. Find your most compatible training buddy and run!

5. Enjoy an adventure from life experience
Are you lucky enough to have an older relative or acquaintance? Take the opportunity to enjoy his company as much as you can. Start with a conversation and let it culminate in the perfect adventure. No one can learn as much as a person who has lived for a long time.

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