5 dishes you should not miss on the Stadshuskällarens christmas table

By on November 29, 2017

Now the Christmas table season starts and Stadshuskällaren opened up the gates for their Christmas table Saturday 25 November. Every year, Stadshuskällarens Christmas table is decorated with classic Christmas food such as herring, charcuterie, hot dishes and candy table, and of course there are elements of wild in different forms. The Christmas table is the year’s most labor-intensive period, and chef Magnus Santesson is in the middle of the preparations. So what’s the Christmas party this year you should not miss? Magnus hints five dishes that are his personal favorites.

Our ribs are deboned and seasoned with ginger, julmust, beer mustard seeds and more. They are really gentle and really good.

Bear Sausage
Bear is an unusual meat raw material and have you never tasted before, so you should try. Bear has a little sweeter wild flavor and we have also spiced our sausage with juniper and thyme.

Preserved salmon
The preserved salmon we cook in a classic way and serves it with pickled red onion. Try with our dill mayonnaise- a very good combo.

This is my favorite on the candy table, crispy shortcrust pastry molds with soft chocolate filling. It’s not so advanced to do but very good.

Larsson’s sweetstrong mustard
David Larsson is the chef behind the mustard and also the head chef in the lunch restaurant Ragnar Skafferi, which is located upstairs from Stadshuskällaren. Every year at Christmas time, David is preparing his good mustard for Christmas after a secret family recipe.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm