46 walks with 147 departures during the Culture Festival

By on August 15, 2017

The city museum arranges not only city walks all year round. For the Culture Festival we also produce 46 walks that run on hundreds of occasions during the festival week, criss-cross through the city.

New for this year is walken 1000 years of history in 2000 seconds, half-hour free walks through Stockholm history.

Since this year’s festival theme are India, we provide Bollywood tours where you can hear, watch and try out this film and dance form.

If you want it in English, you can follow the jogging tour From monk’s to söderhipsters through the history of the city, or hear about strange deaths and executions in Dramatic events in the history of Stockholm.

A little calmer maybe it will be during our Teckningsvandring in mamsellens footsteps, where we form the city in coal, pencil, ink and watercolor. Perhaps we are inspired by mamsell Josabeth’s everyday watercolors from the 18th century.

Even this year, there will be Simvandring in Stockholm with the exhibition museum director Hans Öjmyr on a trip among Viking ravages and monk life from the history of Stockholm.

Or stay on dry land and hang out on urban walks about architecture, gossip quarter, graffiti, Astrid Lindgren, medieval times, detective story on the town, sculptures, beer, Strindberg, feminism and cultural disturbance in the 18th century – some of our walks during the week.

The entire program is here >>, select the genre “Walks”.

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