Zest Food launches 3 premium products from and with newly peeled shrimp!

By on June 30, 2018

Zest Food is now launching a new product group within cooking. The product is called Shrimp Daily and is a collective name for our premium products from and with newly peeled ice sea shrimps as a basis.

What distinguishes our prawns from others is that they are just newley peeled. We always started from a premium shrimp and peels by hand 6 days a week. We peel locally, thus avoiding long, unnecessary transport stretches that can degrade the quality.

– Since we do not need to protect our shrimp during long journeys, we do not need any preservatives, which means that our final product is very high, explains Zest Foods CEO Abbe Bouchtaoui. With this premium shrimp you can top your skagen, shrimp salad or shrimp sandwich and really enhance it’s dish, he continues.

Our premium shrimps have a maximum of 6 days durability in unbroken packaging and costs 320 kr / kg.

In addition, we also launch a shrimpcoulis made from the shell of our premium shrimps.

– Getting a perfect coulis requires both time and knowledge, something many restaurants do not have. However, it does not remove the need for a good, well-produced product at a sensible price. Our shrimpcoulis is the solution to the problem. We have produced a greatly reduced coulis with the shell from our ice sea shrimps and other fresh ingredients, without either preservatives or additives, says Abbe Bouchtaoui.

Our shrimpcoulis costs 150 kr / l.

The third product within the Shrimp Daily is a premium skagenröra. Our skagenröra are of the highest restaurant quality, only with hand peeled shrimps. With the freshest and best ingredients, we produce a Skagenröra which is perfect for restaurants.

– We are mainly turning to restaurants in need of large volumes of Skagenröra but who may not have enough staff to produce the amount needed. With Zest Skagen you get a premium product to serve to your guests without having to spend several hours on production or without the cost of unnecessary waste of raw materials, says Zest Foods CEO Abbe Bouchtaoui.

Our Premium Skagen costs SEK 180 / kg is made of hand peeled ice sea shrimp with homemade mayonnaise, without preservatives. We guarantee 6 days of durability in unbroken packaging as well as in unbroken cooling chain.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm