Zacke guest’s Spoken word on Dramaten

By on August 25, 2017
Johan Hannu

Dramatens spoken word evenings with guest musicians and DJs have become an appreciated tradition since the start of 2009. On 11 and 12 September participates the poets Niklas Mesaros, Henry Bowers, Felicia Högnelid, Oskar Hanska and Alma Kirlic on the Little Stage, together with award-winning hip hop performer Zacke and DJ Shaya.

Spoken word on Dramaten has grown and grown over the years, from a modest start in Lejonkulan’s foyer in 2009 to today taking place on the theater’s biggest scenes. Director makes Niklas Mesaros who has been in the Dramaten& Spoken word since the start.

– Late summer’s spoken word show will be about roots, legacy and identity, all through Zack’s depictions of the big city versus countryside, Alma Kirlic’s answer to the question “Where are you from?”, my own settlement with the standards from the childhood and Henry Bowers fabulous rhyme, says Niklas Mesaros.

Returning in this context does the poet Oskar Hanska and DJ Shaya which for the fourth time enter Dramatens Little Scene together. Felicia Högnelid, who is really not a beginner in the poetry scene, participates for the first time.

The evenings music artist is Zacke. 2010 released his debut album Visst är det Vackert, which won the best hip hop at the Manifest Gala 2011. In 2016 came the third album Fattigkussen, which Zacke was grammis nominated for in the Year’s lyrics author and the Hip hop/soul of the year.


Niklas Mesaros
Henry Bowers
Felicia Högnelid
Oskar Hanska
Alma Kirlic

DJ: DJ Shaya
Artist: Zacke

Dramaten& Spoken word the 11th and 12th of September 2017, Little Scene

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