Your Music Business – 2019

By on September 16, 2019

Your music business, do you know your rights? Crowded for consecutive years – now we do it for the seventh year in a row!

Welcome to a free event where you will know in detail everything about your music business to be smarter in the music industry.

1) You get to see real agreements that record companies, managers and publishers use. We explain what is really in them (the language), tips on how to guard your rights and avoid pitfalls in the agreements.

2) We go through questions such as: Which agreement is best for you? What are the differences between a publishing contract, artist agreement, licensing deal? What is re-coupe? Do you need a record label? Should you have paid for your streams on youtube? What can you demand if someone samples you? How should you behave in a meeting with a record label? How do you get paid for your radio plays? Do you know the difference between STIM and IFPI?

3) Interview with experienced artists and producers who give their Do’s and Dont’s in the music industry.

The event is aimed primarily at all producers, artists, songwriters and managers who are active or want to become active in the hip-hop genre, but all genres are welcome!

Those interviewed this year:


ASTMA & ROCWELL (music producers Madonna, Maroon 5, Zara Larsson, her own project NONONO and hip hop acts such as Petter, Promoe, Ken Ring, Ison & Fille).

– The guests are always well-known artists / people who reveal their tips and mistakes and what you think is important for you to manage on your own in the music industry. Their tips and mistakes…

Host: Amethyst Azoregan
Lecturer: Andreas Wendén

Don´t miss the event Your Music Business – 2019 if you want to know your rights and avoid pitfalls in the music industry at Debaser Strand Sunday 21 September 2019.

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