“You never told me” by Leia

By on November 19, 2017

You never told me
You who were not
But whose voices I heard
How far it was
How far it is
I’m not standing here
With the dead man’s hand
I stand alone here
Do not miss your story
Do not miss your voices
It’s not wrong
To be afraid
It’s not wrong
To be careful
Beyond – a good bit
All colors of the forest
Just in front of me
The autumn cool water
My hand feels the cold
Just next to me
The tree trunk … the birch
Who lives a bit in sleep
After a summer of life
I’m just standing here
Of all this
I realize
That growth
Have their own time
I know
I do not need
Throw jealous looks
Growth has its own time
I’ll let it be that way

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