By on October 23, 2016

During All for Health and Fit for Life WKND organized November 25 to 27 at Stockholm International Fairs goes Yogomove of the stack – the Convention for the fellowship and the joy of movement for all. During the darkest time of the year it is easy to let the energy drop, and to stay at home. With Yogomove has the chance to socialize instead, find the presence and joy in the body and allow the muscles and smile to the face to work. This is the weekend to get and share their energy.

The presenters are some of the most inspiring and experienced teachers and trainers in Sweden: among others, Blossom Tainton and Matthew Griffith from Team Yogobe, Carita Leche from Stockholm Pilates Center and Erika Kits Gölevik from Healthy Living – an awesome collection of yogis and training profiles.

During Yogomove will be many hours with a delightful combination of exercise and yoga where body, mind and soul gets its. Welcome to participate in one or two half-days on Saturday and Sunday, November 26-27. Let’s spread the yoga – workout joy to others.

Scheme Yogomove

Presenters Saturday, November 26

08:30 & 13:00 #BEYOGAPLAYFUL – Milla Floryd
09:30 & 14:00 Conscious functional play – Matthew Griffiths
10:30 & 15:00 Garuda – Carita Leche, Stockholm Pilates Center
– 11:30 & 16:00 Heart Flow – Anna Gordh Humlesjö

Presenters Sunday, November 27

08:30 & 13:00 FreeFlow – Josefine Bengtsson
09:30 & 14:00 Move yourself like you want to feel – Erika Kits Gölevik, Healthy Living
10:30 & 15:00 GarudaCarita Leche, Stockholm Pilates Center
– 11:30 & 16:00 Yoga Fit – Blossom Tainton

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