World secret at Junibacken this summer

By on June 19, 2017

Summer holiday stands for the door and on June 26, summer programs start – inside as well as outside. And there are several news for the visitors. The lush garden is bigger with space for slide, balancing on mushrooms or enjoying a glass from Juniback’s own glass kiosk. Jojje Wadenius and Barbro Lindgren’s musical collaboration will be concerted under the name Puss puss sant sant and the play Loranga plays on the summer scene. And in the Pavilion it’s mystery making going on…

– The summer at Junibacken is world secret for the kids this year. Inspired by Barbro Lindgren’s autobiographical books, the pavilion has turned into a place of mystery making, where the children can whisper and talk about stuff they do not want to tell anyone else, maybe not even to father or mother, says Lotta Brugge, marketing manager at Junibacken and continues:

– Everyone who tells a secret should know that it is safe with us.

Even inside ravages Barbro Lindgren’s figures. In a newly created world, visitors meet Barbro’s imaginative characters Wild Bebin, Max, Loranga, Dollan and Barnhans. Together, children and adults go into the world of books and offer a common experience. Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken had premiere on April 7th.

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