World premiere for Lars Norén’s new drama

By on November 29, 2017
Carl Bengtsson

On December 2, it will be the world premiere of Lars Norén’s newly written drama Vintermusik at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. On stage we see ten of our most experienced actors: Niklas Falk, Marika Lindström, Monica Stenbeck, Ulf Eklund, Claire Wikholm, Lars Lind, Sten Ljunggren, Anita Ekström, Lars Helander and Åke Lundqvist. The director is award-winning Sofia Jupither.

Sofia Jupither has put up several acclaimed sets of Lars Norén’s plays, most recently at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with 3.31.93. Now she is back with Vintermusik.

– To get acquainted with all the enormous experiences gathered in this ensemble – both from the theater and life, is a true favor, says Sofia Jupither, and perhaps above all, that older people’s thoughts and bodies can take so much space on scene, that’s important.

Lars Norén is one of our greatest dramatists today. In newly written Vintermusik, he dissects the aging with his most merciless gaze. What is it like to be old? Is not there anything left to talk about? Or someone left talking to?

Ten people on a sandy beach in the heat.
They are old. They have problems with the joints, with the memory, with their sleep, with their marriage (if any), with old injustices.
They talk about the weather, about the food, about getting the time to go. Actually, they speak highly to themselves.
About life that was and about the death that waiting.

Sofia Jupither has been honored for her sets of, among other things, Lars Norén and Jon Fosses works and also awarded both the Swedish Daily Newspaper’s Thali Prize and the Heddaprisen. At the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern she has directed, among other things, 3.31.93. by Lars Norén, Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf and Gengångare.

Premiere December 2 at Klarascenen
By: Lars Norén
Director: Sofia Jupither
Scenography: Erlend Birkeland
Costume: Julia Przedmojska
Mask: Johanna Ruben
Light: Linus Fellbom and Emma Weil
Sound: Michael Breschi

In the roles:
Niklas Falk as A
Marika Lindström as B
Monica Stenbeck as C
Ulf Eklund as D
Claire Wikholm as E
Lars Lind as F
Sten Ljunggren as G
Anita Ekström as H
Lars Helander as I
Åke Lundqvist as J

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm