Wood artist Eleanor Lakelin “Rhythm of time”

By on May 18, 2017

For the first time in Scandinavia greets Konsthantverkarna the British art craftsman Eleanor Lakelin warm welcome and invite our visitors to discover one of Europe’s most skilled and interesting wood artists.

Vernissage Saturday May 27, 12 – 16. David Cairns, British ambassador, opens the exhibition at 13.

“I’m fascinated by wood as living, breathing substance with its own history of growth and struggle centuries beyond your own”. Eleanor Lakelin

Eleanor Lakelin tells that she scales of bark to reveal the organic chaos that may exist in the material itself. She build layers of texture through slicing and sandblasting. She uses the shape of the vessel and the surface pattern to investigate the layers and cracks between creation and decay and the erosion of nature.

In the “Time & Texture” series, Lakelin uses different types of wood such as ash, oak and cedar. A common feature of these woods is that they grow with different densities at different seasons and thus get different hardness. By cutting and sandblasting, layers of different textures can be obtained. Sandblasting accelerates the erosion process when the softer parts of the wood are removed and the time feels closest to etched into the fibers of the material. The wood thus becomes a means of exploring the relationship to time in a broader context and, in particular, how natural elements break down the landscape – how the edges soften and interfere and how lines and shapes are fragmented by abrasion. The technique Eleaonor Lakelin uses was developed by canadian turner Michael Hosaluk.

Time after time gets we at Konsthantverkarna proven that there is a huge interest for wood in Sweden. Few of our exhibitions arouse such interest and as much feelings as those who show the woodwork. Many also seem to feel a need to talk about their feelings for the material. Konsthantverkarna have in recent years invited several amazing practitioners, Pascal Oudet and Christoph Finkel, and in the final round we rounded with blasted vessels and other woodwork by Eleanor Lakelin.

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