Winter sport indoors in adrenaline-filled exhibition at the Museum of Technology

By on February 10, 2017

Time to polish up the ski goggles and dust off the slalom skills. Just in time for sports holiday opens the Technical Museum Winter Games – an exhibition where you challenge yourself or friends in a snowball throwing, figure skating, curling and 10 other winter activities – without cold feet.

Compete in the slalom and biathlon, control bob-sled so that it go as fast as possible in the course, throwing dot with snowballs, building an igloo or try ski jumping. In the Winter Games which open on to the Technical Museum February 18 is everything that belongs to a perfect winter holiday – but no frozen feet, mile-long lift queues and speed happy off-piste skiers of course.

In addition to offering the opportunity to experience and try different winter activities, the exhibition shows how the technology behind them works. How can such skaters use centrifugal force to get the perfect pirouette? Does it matter how you wax your skis? And how stressful is it to sit in the commentator booth during an ice hockey final? 14 interactive installations gives the chance to sharpen the technique before the ski trip or to simply stay put and enjoy sports holiday in the town.

In the exhibition, you will also be able to learn about avalanches, how to avoid them and what to do if an accident occurs. You will also learn more about why it is so important to protect your head with a helmet on the ski slopes.

Winter Games is a touring exhibition created in collaboration between the four Nordic Science Center – VilVite in Bergen, Experimentarium in Copenhagen, Heureka in Helsinki and the Technical Museum in Stockholm. After the stop in Stockholm is the exhibition prepared for a worldwide tour.

Here are activities you can try in the Winter Games at the Museum of Technology

Figure skating – testing the centrifugal force and pirouetting
Ice Hockey – hitting the puck into the net past the digital goalkeeper
Biathlon – compete against your friend. Staka as fast as you can, lie down and shoot!
Ski Jumping – jumping as far as you can
Snowboarding – turn and balance
Slalom – ride the track as fast as you can
Bob – behind the fastest track
Snowball Toss – throw dot or compete to see who throws the hardest
Curling play against friends, family or colleagues
Waxing – learn wax for today’s temperature and test with your skiers
Igloo – build an igloo with your friends
Climb up the Hannenkamm Mini and go down the slide
Commentator booths – try to be sports commentator for real
Sports Quiz – who can most? Answering questions about winter sports!

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