Winemakers Dinner with singing winemaker

By on December 7, 2018

All good things are three – so also the ingredients of the new, unique Winemakers Dinner, which will be held at Högberga Gård on February 1. A tasty guide through the exclusive world of self-produced wine, a specially-composed Tuscany-scented meal and a singing wine-maker with friends

Winemakers Dinner at Högberga Gård is an exclusive concept, which gives the guests to enjoy selected wines, excellent produce and nice live music. A whole evening that begins with the winery Johan Zälle guiding the guests in Högberga Vinfabrik, then the evening’s menu, signed Tommy Eriksson, is presented together with the selected wines from Sweden’s first Tuscan wine factory.

– I guide the guests through a dinner a la Italy and then there are well-chosen melodies afterwards, says Zälle, who lived for many years in Tuscany.

-There will be four selected wines in harmony with the same number of dishes. Among other things, Italian delicacies to our prestigious wine Högberga Arne, beef to musty Högberga Lajla and fitting cheeses together with our Passito, a sweet wine of dried grapes, with cheeses. And then a little grappa at the end.

The wine-making dinner is rounded off with coffee, chocolate and live music at the crackling fire in the China room. Jazz, Italian schlager and chansons from the wine maker’s own band.

-I will be companion of my entire band, 4 Vintage. We’re driving wonderfully dimmed and relaxed, said Zälle.

Högberga Vinfabrik has since its inception held a high rate of development in 2010 with exclusive concepts for meeting, private and wine enthusiasts. The self-produced wine has been celebrated in the wine world, has received great reviews from critics and is now exported to Tuscany to be served at several fine restaurants there. Winemakers Dinner with music is a new concept that will come back a few times a year.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Lidingö