William Spetz premieres guest at Humorgruppen Stallet

By on December 26, 2018

Humorgruppen Stallet – most recent with the TV series “Trettiplus” and “Alla hästar hemma” – arranges a Monday club at Rival in Stockholm this spring. During eight Monday evenings, between March 11 and May 6, they perform a performance on flock behavior where even a number of guests will join the flock. The first guest is none other than William Spetz who participates in the premiere evening of March 11, but also March 25!

– I am so happy to continue working with Stallet this spring. I got to film a little with those this summer and it was days of pure joy. They make me laugh with the whole body, greets William.

William Spetz, actor, comedian, TV host, is only 22 years old but has, among other things, already managed to be a star on YouTube, participated in films, acted as host for the Melodifestivalen, set up the acclaimed performance “Grandma I know you are in the sky, but do you have time for an hour? ”, and most recently spent a week in the Music Help Cage.

William has also been a guest in Stallet’s latest TV series “Alla hästar hemma”, something that became a “match made in heaven” and thus he has an obvious place in the spring’s performance. Spetz participates both on 11 and 25 March.

– We are so lucky to be able to work with William again. He is a wonderful person and also Sweden’s funniest guy!, greets Stallet.

In Stallet stands the carefully developed runners Elin Thomasdotter Extor, Linn Mannheimer, Isabella Posse Boquist, Isabelle Riddez and Anni Tuikka.

The members of Stallet are basically made to live in flock. It wants to be with each other, is good at reading body language and is vigilant and reacts with escaping or defending when something unexpected occurs. The interaction with each other and other species is of great importance for the development of social behavior and the risk of damage during mixing is not as big as many believe. So what really happens when the flock composition is challenged and changed? It examines Stallet in its Monday club at Rival in Stockholm this spring, along with a number of well-chosen guests.

The premiere of “En föreställning om flockbeteende” will take place on Monday, March 11, 2019 at Rival in Stockholm.

Script: Stallet
Director: Sissela Kyle

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm