Wiktoria released last Friday “Not Just For Xmas”

By on November 6, 2017

The pop promise Wiktoria released the single “Not Just For Xmas” last Friday. It’s a lovely, hopeful and swinging pop song that contains all the ingredients you could wish for by an upcoming Christmas classic.

Wiktoria tells: “I had no plans to sing a Christmas song until this spring when I got “Not Just for Xmas” played for me. The song is impossible to sit still to and made me so happy. That myself is a big fan of Christmas made me feel that more people need to get the chance to hear this song and hopefully get the same feeling I got. I really hope that it gives people joy in Christmas”

“Not Just For Xmas” was produced by Torbjörn Petersson, written by Joe Killington, Alex White and Katerina Bramley, who are behind several international hits including singles on Girls Generation’s album Lion Heart, which has topped Billboard’s album list.

On November 22 to December 12, Wiktoria will perform on Christmas tour with Kalle Moraeus and Loa Falkman. They will offer a concert that stretches from the Opera scene to Las Vegas, into the rural courtyards with visits in the pop world.

Listen to “Not Just For Xmas” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music