Who’s afraid of Jenny Wilson?

By on September 14, 2018
Klara G

The artist Jenny Wilson, the director Py Huss-Wallin and the artist Hanna Kisch will be the first to interpret Dramaten&’s new format Performance concert. Together, the three artists have created a performance that combines live music, theater and performance. With the performance they want to take us through the night towards dawn. Through fears and sorrows and wild desires. The whole world is in a trembling movement, nothing will ever be as it once was. Who is afraid of who now? First performance of Who’s Afraid of Jenny Wilson on November 8th on the Little Stage.

In spring 2018, Jenny Wilson released her fifth album, Exorcism, which deals with the rape she had just undergone a year earlier. The performance, Who’s afraid of Jenny Wilson? rising from the issue “Who’s afraid of who?” – a text line from the disc. The performance will also offer brand new music.

Who am I
I am anyone
Just like he who raped me
Makes the thief they say
Disrespect is universal

Who’s afraid of who
Who’s afraid of who

I’ll come back to you, you’ll never forget
I’ve got the talent to tell, it’s like a spell
Every single step you will take from now
A needle that aches from now
I’ll give you my pain
Oh, sure you can regret your mistake
But hey, it is too late
You’ve got to live with this shame instead
Look who’s haunting of who

The question Who is afraid of who now? has lead the trio further to the following program explanation for the performance:

We will continue to tell you.
Together we walk right into the darkness
Filled with expectations, nightmares and fantasy foxes
We have stopped being silent now, we are an army – together we take back the night.

Given in the framework of the Dramaten&.

Who’s afraid of Jenny Wilson?, first performance November 8, The Little Stage.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm