Who dares to confront any uncanny essence at Skansen?

By on October 20, 2016

Autumn holiday offers magical, and eerie, days at Skansen. Troll and mine robbery, shadows who live their own lives, dark corners and crannies of the city district – the famous and everyday is suddenly in different

Natural essence and toffle, elves and trolls, had great significance in people’s lives before. To protect themselves they had different tricks and utilities. Skansen museum educators talk about what they thought could help and how they would behave if something unpleasant happened. It can be current when Skansen has hikes for all who want and dare at the autumn holiday. Here, everything from trolls and mine robbery to other eerie essence appear.

On October 30 is the display at 14.00 suited for families in need of sign language. Location of this pre-booked via the Skansen booking.

Other eerie at the autumn holidays are Alone in the city, a hike on your own, visiting wise woman, ghost pottering, spooky stories about ghosts and lost souls, specters and spirits and horrid Sami stories. Censers are lit with space for grilling many sooty sausages. It’s fine to bring your own and it is available for purchase on site. Pony riding is also running. Small horses are tough enough to cope with the raw autumn days.

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