Where and how should art and culture be created in Stockholm

By on February 2, 2017

Many art production sites and studio compounds in Stockholm will within a few years having to move because of demolitions. The City of Stockholm’s studio strategy wants culture management to rectify the situation with 200 new production sites. Transit are now starting a work to identify how the infrastructure for artistic production should be further strengthened to enhance the artists’ working conditions.

In Transit at Telefonplan we see how hard artists work and how driven they are to create and get out their art. At the same time, we see and are told to us that their working conditions are very strained, both infrastructural and economically. We can not assume that artists will provide us with art and culture under what conditions any time, says Sara Lönnroth, operations manager at Transit

An example of the situation is Artists Collective Workshop, NPP, and performing arts production house SITE as at the year end, are forced to move because of demolitions. Since 2014 assists Transit SITE and CCA in their efforts to develop a multi-disciplinary arts production houses.

With Transit’s experience as knowledge- and resource center for independent filmmakers, performing artists, musicians, visual artists and designers, our ambition is to complete the planned art production house with the knowledge and network development activities for their artists, says Christina Molander chairman of the Transit and co-founder of the SITE.

With funds from the city’s cultural administration and Stockholm Business Region Transit is expanding the work to include development of reinforcement for artistic production in the entire Stockholm. The work will be done in dialogue with the various stakeholders in the county. The goal is to improve working conditions for artists and enhance their opportunities to develop artistic and economic sustainability in the long term. Synergies that arising from the interaction between artistic activities will be taken advantage of and strengthened.

– Art and culture is one of the most powerful tools for the development of an open and inclusive Stockholm. If Stockholm shall be able to offer arts and cultural variety for society’s various groups, there must be a well-functioning support infrastructure for the artistic production, says Sara Lönnroth.

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