Welcome to try the season’s new Omakase!

By on July 11, 2018

From 27/6, 2018, we serve a new Omakase, tasting menu with lots of exciting dishes.

How about “Khaki / Oysters, Ponzu, Coriander, Chili Oil” or “Misobaked Egg / Asparagus Katsuboshi”? Do not miss trying our sharefood with inspiration from Japan.

Warmly welcome to Rawbata!

Omakase / Rawbata Tasting Menu:

Abura-Age Salada / Misomajonnäs, spinach and spring onion salad

Tataki moriawase / Halstrad tuna with gingerdressing

Khaki / Oysters, Ponzu, Coriander, Chili Oil

Misobakat egg / Asparagus katsuboshi

Sakana Shio Yaki / Whole fish, Asparagus broccoli, Umeboshi rice

Ramuchoppu / Lamb chops

Kakuni / Grissida

Mango mizu shingen mochi / Raindrop Cake with Mango

Sesame truffle / Chocolate truffle with walnuts, dates, sesame seeds


Offers Japan-inspired sharefood. Rawbata is our interpretation of a Robotayakigrill, a Japanese barbecue technique, which is based, among other things, on using coal that lasts for a long time and develops the flavors.

Rörstrandsgatan 15, Stockholm

Warm welcome!

BOOK TABLE: https://rawbata.se

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm