Welcome to Animal Rights Science seminar on animal – understanding, empathy and law

By on April 11, 2017

On May 4, organizes Animal Rights a scientific seminar on animals. The seminar aims to provide a status image on research on animals from three areas: understanding, empathy and law.

Where: Thursday, May 4 in the Royal Coin Cabinet Auditorium, Slottsbacken 6, Stockholm.
When: Kl. 12-13.30. A lighter (vegan) lunch is served.
Registration: Via the form
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Bo Algers, professor emeritus in animal hygiene at the Department of Animal Environment and Health in Skara. In the research, Bo Algers interest in issues such as risk assessment of animal welfare, mother properties of sows, durable system for food production, ethical issues, animal transport and handling animal at slaughter. Bo Algers is also actively involved in the debate on animal husbandry and animal welfare. Bo Algers is a recognized speaker in national and international contexts.

Helena Röcklingsberg, Associate Professor of Ethics and Professor of Animal Ethics at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; The Department for Environment, care and animal health. Helena Röcklingsberg teaches and conducts research at the intersection of ethics and practice on issues related to human-animal relationship. What especially interests her is interdisciplinary perspectives and methods of ethical analysis, the relationship between science and ethics, as well as the relationship between ethical theory and moral practice.

Birgitta Wahlberg, Polities doctor (public law) and researcher in animal rights at Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics; The subject of public law. T. F. responsible for international affairs at the Animal Rights (2017). Birgitta Wahlberg research and teaching in animal rights and has also written the first textbook on the subject in Finland. What especially interests her is the animal’s legal status and the particular legal wellbeing means in practice for the animals used in food production.

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