Welcome spring! theme weekends about the garden and spring chores at Skansen

By on April 15, 2018
Marie Andersson

The Spring comes to Skansen’s gardens and environments with all kinds of spring chores – cleaning, fagning, repair and rearmament. First out is the weekend 21-22 april, next Welcome spring! is February 28th – 29th, Valborg and May 1st, the weekend May 5-6 and Kristi Himmelfärdsdagen May 10th May 12-13th.

Welcome spring! 21-22 april

Spring has come to the allotments
The cottages is aired, the spades are put into the soil and the colonists are fully engaged with the spring’s gardening.

Spring chores at Back-Mats
The cottage wakes to life after the long winter. We weathering out and sweep clean, and if nature permits, we woodwork a sälgpipa. Activity for young and old in Back Mats cabin at Moragården.

Spring cleaning
In the Statarlängan spring cleaning is ongoing with soap and scrubbing brush, weathering of carpets etc.

Spring care of the meadow
The lake at Oktorpsgården fagas, which means that it is raked, ginned and it is burning on the stubbskottsängen.

To build a flätgärdesgård
Skansen’s garden scenographs shows how it’s done at Oktorpsgården.

Arrow braiding
At the Octorpsgården there is ongoing arrow braiding. Craftsmen show how it works to braid baskets and other to the garden and there is a chance to try.

Sheep cuts and talk about lamb
See how it works when the Leicester sheep are cut by hand at Skånegården at 12.30-13.30.

Meet the spring’s wild plants
A walk at Skansen together with gardener Marianne Lindeskog. Collection site: Glashuset next to Ölandskvarnarna at 13.30.

White-backed woodpecker
Animal keeper tell about this acute endangered species and how Skansen works to preserve it at 12-15.

Bear talk
Animal keeper tells about the bear at Björnboden at 12-16.

Alert wild boar piglets
Meet Skansen’s animal keeper who shows and tells about wild boar at 15: 15-16 at Boar hedge.

Discover the nature trail!
An interactive path that provides knowledge about animals, nature and biodiversity. Between Skånegården and Väla school.

With reservation for changes.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm