Weeping Willows to Gröna Lund

By on April 15, 2017

Songs like “Broken Promise Land”, “Touch Me” and “The Burden” have made them one of Sweden’s largest and most successful indie rock bands. With the vocalist Magnus Carlsons praised participation in “Så mycket bättre”, a new audience has also opened the eyes for the band and on September 22 steps Weeping Willows out on Gröna Lund’s Main Stage.

The story of Weeping Willows started already in 1994 when the band was formed, but the first official single with the name “Broken Promise Land” came first in the summer of 1997. A few months later, the debut album was released with the same name, which became a Swedish pop classic and has been released in several different versions and editions since then. When the group’s songs were interpreted by, amongst others, Jill Johnsson and Danny Saucedo, with Magnus Carlson’s participation in TV4’s “Så mycket bättre”, a new audience got their eyes on the band and in the summer they set out on a tour. On September 22, we welcome Weeping Willows to Gröna Lund’s Main Stage.

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