Weeping Willows performs two exclusive summer shows

By on May 5, 2018

This summer, Weeping Willows will only play two gigs on the Mosebacketerrass in Stockholm, an August tradition that has lasted (almost) annually since 2002. Like the early years, they have some secret guests, who they are, will be aware of the 20 and 21 August when they stand on Södermalm’s most beautiful outdoor stage.

The tickets were released on May 2th

– Playing outdoors in August is actually something we’ve done for almost 22 years! We started at Tantogården in 1996, and in 2002 we moved on to Mosebacke, it has simply become an appreciated Southern tradition for us and our audience. We are at home, it is familiarly and together with the various secret guests, all nights are completely unique. As you understand, these concerts is warm to the heart for us and we hope to continue with them forever, greets Weeping Willows.

Weeping Willows is one of Sweden’s most cult explained bands which became known for their thoughtful and emotional songs. The story of Weeping Willows begins in 1994 when the band was formed, but the first official single with the name “Broken Promise Land” first came in the summer of 1997. A few months later, the debut album was released with the same name, wich became a Swedish pop classic and has been released in several different versions and editions since then. Last spring celebrated the 20th anniversary with three sold-out jubilee concerts in Ericsson Globe together with Gävle Symphony Orchestra led by Christoffer Nobin.

Weeping Willows has always been an appreciated live band, last summer they visited a number of well-chosen places around Sweden, then they followed up with a new mini-christmas album in November and a comprehensive Christmas tour. This year the band has decided to only do two shows this summer on the Moseback terrace on 20 and 21 August.

The concerts go in the same footsteps as the traditional August concerts the band made for over twenty years, as well as with new, secret, guests of the same caliber as before; Freddie Wadling, Helen Sjöholm, Trio Me ‘Bumba, Linnea Henriksson, Anna Ternheim, Nino Ramsby, Ebbot, and Petra Marklund, to name a few.

Right now, the band is working on new music released early in 2019.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm