We boosts the glass map with 3 news

By on March 13, 2017

Our business idea is to spread the glass joy and taste sensations.

– A large part of our work is to be innovative and constantly coming up with exciting new glass products. Product development is everything in our business. We listen to our consumers and strive to be “an ice cream for all”, says Anders Müntzing, CEO of Triumfglass.

Among the news is an organic Sandwich, a refreshing pear Split and China Wafer.

Organic Sandwich –

Organic Sandwich made from fresh swedish organic cream which is enclosed by good organic cocoa biscuits.

Pear Split ice cream –

Ice cream made from fresh swedish cream with a refreshing ice covering of pear juice.


A tasty chocolate ice cream with a coating of chocolate, crushed waffle pieces and nougat sauce.

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