Walk on Patterns

By on November 22, 2017
Isak de Jong

Innovative textile patterns of 14 form students at Beckmans Design High School are displayed at the Historical Museum 21-26 November.

Students on the Form Program have explored how textiles can be interpreted and shaped in relation to the body and space. Now we show their patterns for carpeted floors in the Baroque Hall at the Historical Museum.

Carpeted floors in 14 unique patterns

The main purpose of the three-week course is to understand the complexity of textile materials and to try its possibilities. In the course, students worked to create patterns and gain knowledge of working spatially with color. The students were given 8 different colors and were able to create patterns based on their own design ideas.

The patterns on carpeted floors shown in the exhibition are intended for public environments – rugs for rooms, corridors and larger spaces such as lounges and conference rooms, but also work well in the home environment. The carpeted floor is a foundation in an interior that affects an entire environment. You walk on it, looking at it, sets furniture on it.

A collaborative project

The carpets are developed in collaboration with the French manufacturer Balsan Textile and Swedish Dahl Agencies.

– Beckmans has a long tradition of interacting with companies, organizations and people we share interests with. Balsan is a company that works with floors and patterns, which gave our students the chance to work on a larger scale and to think spatially, says Margot Barolo, Program Manager for Form.

– The historic museum’s Baroque Hall is a very exciting place for exhibiting formal students’ carpets. In the exhibition hall next to it, Marbymattan, weaved in the 1300s, is one of the oldest well-preserved carpets of the host. It will be interesting for visitors to reflect on the contrast and resemblance of old-age patterns and colors and today’s form of expression, says Annika Berner, responsible for external relations.

The exhibition is open 21-26 November.

The museum’s opening hours you will find here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm