Vikingarännet becomes Sigtunarännet on February 18th!

By on January 28, 2018

Since Vikingarännet will not run this year, we will instead arrange the Sigtunarännet on February 18th.

– We all got so sad and disappointed when we saw that Vikingarännet will not run this year! We are a group of skating enthusiasts who think Vikingarännet is a fantastic fun and unique event that has to live on! Therefore, the non-profit association Sigtuna City Triathlon Club, Hotell Kristina, Sigtuna Kommun, Friluftsfrämjandet and Sigtuna Sport och Uteliv have joined forces to jointly arrange a new race, Sigtunarännet, says Sigtunarännets spokesperson Fredrik Jonson.

There will be a track distance that run with start and finish in Sigtuna on February 18th.

The race runs from Sigtuna down to Kairobadet in Upplands Väsby and back to Sigtuna. A track of two laps for a total of five miles. It will also be possible to go a 2.5-mile lap and for families and children there will be a “try on track” at 2 kilometers.

The race has both exercise and competition classes and the organizer hopes for at least 1000 participants. Fredrik Jonson is confident that the race will happen.

– We have three different track distance as an alternative and that none of them would be possible to skate on we think is very unlikely, says Fredrik Jonson.

It has been an incredibly positive response from Sigtuna Municipality as well as sponsors when the idea of launching the Sigtunarännet has been discussed.

– We business people in Sigtuna city want to live and work in a vibrant city with many different activities, both summer and winter. As the ice’s around Sigtuna are so nice it is very fun to be with and arrangen Sigtunarännet, as we hope will be a real folk party, says Andreas Olsen at Hotell Kristina.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Sigtuna