Veteran DJ and vinyl record label founder will be music curator at the new At Six

By on March 6, 2017

Victor Sanchez is one of Stockholm’s club life’s biggest music profiles, an enthusiast who mix gigs around the world with its own vinyl label Sound & Echo. Now is his goal that music should be a big part of the experience of the memories you carry with you when you leave the modern luxury hotel At Six.

He has organized clubs and played music in everything from abandoned factories to Grodan and the F12 Terrace, from Into the Valley to Tokyo. With roots in early house and disco plays Victor Sanchez today music by genre free philosophy, where the feel and mood is fundamental. In different ways to dig out, discover and fill the record collection with new or old music is a huge motivator.

– I want to create a natural and exciting stage for music that otherwise not get the place in Stockholm’s pub life it deserves, says Victor Sanchez. Jazz, soul, funk, synth-pop, disco, ambient, folk rock and everything in between, gets herewith a new home. It may be forgotten, obscure, new or old.

As the music curator becomes his mission to create musical environments throughout the hotel, from the first impression in the lobby to the supply  at the hotel rooms. But his main arena becomes At Six Listening Lounge.

– My vision is to fill the living room with everything from lectures, themed evenings, interesting podcast recordings, album releases to easier listening-session of different albums and traditional DJ set but with music that will challenge and satisfy.

Victor Sanchez is passionate about sharing the record findings and to spread music that few know further. His focus will be to lift all the huge domestic talent and knowledge together with international tastemakers to create a vibrant and unique place for recorded music. A place where everyone gets the opportunity to discover something they never heard before but also rediscover the music presented in a completely new way.

– I look forward to reflect, with music, the contrast between the quiet of nature and the vibrant busy city that makes Stockholm one of the many cases unique place in the world.

At Six will be opened March 23 and contains:

343 hotel rooms, including three newly built floors with panoramic windows and some 40 small and large suites
Several restaurants and bars
Fitness & Wellness
2000 m2 event and meeting venue.

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