Veronica Maggio returns to Gröna Lund

By on January 26, 2017

Last time she played on the main stage was in 2015, the entrance funds had to close because of the large pressure from the crowd, entrance funds she used to work in once upon a time.

After playing at the Stadium in 2016, she now returns to Gröna Lund’s main stage June 2 to make the only consert in Stockholm this summer.

In January 2016 announced that Veronica Maggio is now the biggest female artist in the Nordic region. She is behind hits like “Snälla bli min”, “Hela huset,”, “Vi mot världen”, “Välkommen in “, “Jag kommer” and “Satan i gatan” and she is one of the most awarded artists with her five Grammys, two P3 Gold, three Rock Bears and three Gaffa prices.

Her fifth album “Den första är alltid gratis” came 2016, and included the gold-selling singles “Den första är alltid gratis”, “Vi mot världen” and “Dom sa!”. In the summer of 2017, she went out on a tour, the only stop in Stockholm will be on June 2 at. 20:00 on Gröna Lund’s main stage.

– Veronica Maggio has a very special place in Gröna Lund’s heart. Besides that she once was a member of our staff, she always invites the world to class concerts and we’ve got to close the entrances of the last two times she got here. I am very proud to welcome back Veronica Maggio at Gröna Lund in the summer, says Johan Tidstrand, Green Lund owners.

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