Vernissage for photographer Björn Persson “Frozen Poetry – photographs of a disappearing world”

By on October 14, 2018
Björn Persson Photography

“Frozen Poetry – photographs of a disappearing world” is the view of Björn Persson’s view of the Arctic continent. For millions of years it has been sculpted into a natural masterpiece. Drop by drop, it will now disappear if we let it fall into oblivion. In a battle against time, Björn documented this fast-disappearing paradise, and now he exposes his photographs and invites to a vernissage at the Pelle Unger Gallery on October 20th.

Recently, Björn Persson participated in an expedition that crossed Svalbard, and for the first time for decades they managed to reach the island of Vitön in the northernmost part of the archipelago. The mythical Vitön is most famous for being the place where Swedish explorer Salomon August Andrée crashed with his hot air balloon in 1896.

This year Svalbard had to experience record temperatures. Polar bears that can usually be seen on the icebergs around the islands revealed their absence. Clearly, global warming has already created disastrous consequences for Svalbard’s animals and nature. No other place in the world is going to warm up so quickly, and in no other place the effects will be so clear. Some scientists claim that if the Earth’s average temperature continues to rise at the same rate, the entire Arctic iceberg will be lost in twenty years. Something that will cause devastating consequences for the entire planet.

“The iceberg in this exhibition may well be among the last we see of its kind. In the rising temperature, they now serve as thin symbols and evidence for the catastrophic development of the planet. As frozen poetry, they wipe their secrets and distress in the increasingly mild winds. Natural masterpieces like drop for drop quickly melt away.”

This year, Björn Persson is also up to date with his new photo book The Real Owners of the Planet, which celebrates Africa’s magnificent but threatened wildlife. He participated in this year’s book fair and this autumn, his photographs of tigers are displayed at an exhibition at Royal Albert Hall, as well as at The Roberto Dutesco Gallery in New York.

Welcome to the vernissage….
Location: Pelle Unger Gallery, Grevturegatan 18B (entrance at FilippaK)
Date: October 20 – November 10th
“Frozen Poetry – photographs of a disappearing world” is presented in collaboration with Pelle Unger Gallery and Ibanez Art.

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