Vegan semlor

By on January 9, 2018

The 13th of February is the day of the Shrove Tuesday. That day we Swedes eat several million semlor, but even the weeks before, there is high pressure on the sale of semlor.

At the Crafts Bakery Bröd & Salt in Stockholm, the production has started, and besides offering the classic semla, this year they bake a vegan semla that also fits gluten intolerant. The bun is baked on oatmeal and rapeseed oil.

– It was obvious to make a vegan semla for us. We made a vegan cinnamon bun and saffron bun in 2017, which was very appreciated, so we gladly continue to bake vegan stuff, says Kirles Barsoum, baker manager on Bröd & Salt. In addition, the demand for gluten-free products is high so we combined these. I am very pleased with the result, Kirles continues.

The vegan semla is available in the Bröd & Salt stores Wednesday, January 10th.

Other breadcrumbs at Bröd & Salt are classic, minisemlor and nut-free with jam. All semlor are also lactose-free.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm