Väsby Konsthall presents exhibition program 2018

By on December 28, 2017

Väsby Konsthall presents the 2018 annual program and wishes to pay particular attention to the fact that the first exhibition 13/1-4/2 shows painting of Upplands Väsbys world-renowned Dorina Mocan who together with sculptor Christer Lönngren takes possession of the entire Konsthallen. Dorina Mocan has hit big in Asia and now has an international audience with big purchases from the USA, so it is something extraordinary!

The exhibition program offers a lot of painting but also photo of Johan Nordenfelt in the spring when the spouses Larsson-Ljung also shows graphics and drawing. A particularly exciting exhibition of ideas and sketches stands for Sven Nordqvist in the autumn of the year, with the jury-rated salon “Får jag lov”, which we hope to be interpreted in every way by artists from all over Sweden. 2018 is the last year before a major renovation of the house at Optimusvägen. The art gallery will move to replacement rooms during the conversion in 2019.

13/1-4/2 Dorina Mocan, painting.
Christer Lönngren, sculpture

10/2-4/3 Marie Thorslund, painting
Johan Nordenfelt, photography

10/3-8/4 Anne-Lie Larsson Ljung, drawing, painting, graphics
Bo Ljung, painting

14/4-13/5 Watercolor salon, jury-evaluated saloon, distribution of watercolor scholarship

5/5-6/5 Väsby Konstrunda, presentation of co-workers

21/5-31/5 Studentsalon/Schools in Upplands Väsby, student work

12/8-17/8 Väsby Support and Care, painting, handicraft, photo

25/8-16/9 Pernilla Iggström, painting
                    Tomas Nanne Sandberg, painting

22/9-14/10 Peter Nilsson, painting
                      Stefan Sjöblom, Wood
                      Staffan Tolsen, painting

20/10-11/11 Sven Nordqvist, drawing, Graphics
                      Åke Arendal, installation, media mix

17/11-16/12 Får jag lov, jury-rated lounge with theme dance

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Väsby