Vasa’s Women – always present, rarely seen

By on May 23, 2017

Today, tuesday 23 may, opens a new exhibition at the Vasamuseet: Vasa’s Women – always present, rarely seen. Through four women around the Vasa ship, the exhibition shows that women in the 16th century had more power and influence and greater scope for action than for example legal texts and other legal documents suggest.

The exhibition is about that the 1600s women had great importance, but much has disappeared in our history writing.

– Vasa’s Women are an exhibition that deepens the knowledge – about history, about the 16th century society and about Vasa. Here the visitor finds that our history does not always look like we often imagine, says Lisa Månsson, museum director.

The women were in principle in all occupations and in all arenas – they made decisions, were farmers, teachers, smiths, businessmen and so on. But in the historical writing we see very little of it. The women have disappeared …

An example from Vasa is that shipbuilder Hybertsson’s wife, Margareta Nilsdotter, drove the shipyard after her husband’s death in 1627 and made sure Vasa was built. She was therefore the manager of one of Sweden’s largest workplaces at that time.

With Vasa’s Women, the Vasa Museum also shows how we return to our collections and source material and look for new perspectives and stories. The exhibition is extra interesting because the researchers present new findings about the work with Vasa, says Lisa Månsson, and continues:

There were many women around Vasa. Now they appears. This is an important step in raising the women around Vasa and giving them a more fair presence at the museum. In this way we can show a true picture of the Vasa ship and her contemporaries.

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