Våra Drömmars Stad – premiere for new interpretation

By on October 26, 2017
Carl Bengtsson

Våra Drömmars Stad – premiere for the new interpretation of Per Anders Fogelström’s beloved Stockholm suite

November 2, it is the premiere of Linus Tunström and Ulla Kassius set of Våra drömmars stad at Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns big stage. Fourteen actors portrays a hundred fifty years history. In the roles we see Vanna Rosenberg, Leif Andrée, Angelika Prick, Shebly Niavarani, Peter Viitanen, Kirsti Stubø, Jörgen Thorsson, Omid Khansari, Tim Dillman, Eva Stenson, Jan Mybrand, Gerhard Hoberstorfer, Matilda Ragnerstam and Eva Rexed.

Stockholm 1860. Henning arrives at a brutally uneven city with his dreams of a better life. He becomes friends with the revolutionist Tummen and meets the love in Lotten. Despite poverty and struggle they are building a life. Henning, Tummen, Lotten, Emelie, August, Bärta, Johan and Erik – life in a little slip in time. The public home comes and goes. People are born and die. But the city remains – forever but in constant change

Ulla Kassius and Linus Tunström have a multi-year collaboration in productions such as Kameliadamen (Orion Theater), Eldansikte (Backstage) and Den goda människan från Sezuan on Stockholm City Theater. In the set of Våra drömmars stad , the artistic team has worked closely together and created a stage arts performance with all parts as equally strong components.

– For the first time, we place the entire Per Anders Fogelström City Series from 1860-1968 on stage. Each actor has the main role in its character’s story. In the first book, Fogelström writes “The boy dreamed, the city was waiting”. In the last book it says “The girl dreamed, the world was waiting”. That girl would be retired today so there is still a direct link back to the books, a little while more. It’s theater and it’s 2017. Now new stories come. Who’s dreaming and what’s up? says Ulla Kassius and Linus Tunström.

“The city of today is the result of previous generations dreams and work, but also a child of the present, an expression for us who live and work here now. The city is never finished, completed.
It is transformed continuously, renewed and changed. At the same time it is eternal, in some way there is always the past left. Saved.” Per Anders Fogelström

The drama of the City series was made by Pia Gradvall and Magnus Lindman. The City Series consists of Mina drömmars stad (1960), Barn av sin stad (1962), Minns du den stad (1964), I en förvandlad stad (1966) and Stad i världen (1968).

Våra drömmars stad is set in memory of the fact that 2017 is 100 years since Fogelström was born. More info about Stockholm City Program Fogelström 2017 is available here http://www.xn--fogelstrm2017-pmb.se/

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm