USB stick led to song-hit on YouTube

By on March 14, 2017

Swedish artist Isabell Otrebus makes great success with her song “Voiceless” on YouTube. The video has been seen in a week 400 000 times on YouTube and radio stations across Europe have started to play the song.

Everything began with a lost USB stick with some demos recorded by Isabell. One evening Isabell discovered that she had dropped the stick in the car and asked her mother to go to the garage and pick it up. Once in the garage met her mother a neighbor who became curious to listen to the songs. It turned out that the neighbors were familiar with David Krueger, one of the producers from the classic Cheiron studio. David heard about Isabell and were looking her up on YouTube. He became very interested and invited her to his studio, where he was impressed by her voice. This in turn led to a record deal and debut single “Voiceless”.

Isabell Otrebus is 19 years old and was born and raised in Stockholm, she has studied music at Rytmus and participated in several talent shows. On Saturday, she stood on stage in the Polish Eurovision Song Contest and performed “Voiceless” for several million TV viewers. She finished in third place but the song has received enormous attention in social media and has started to be played on radio stations around Europe.

– It is very fun that the video has been distributed as widely considering that it is shot in a single take during a photo shoot and took three minutes to do, says Isabell.

Now is also the song on Spotify and iTunes.

Listen on Spotify here >>

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