Urban Deli opens a new bar at Nytorget

By on November 4, 2018

Urban Deli started its first restaurant, shop and market hall at Nytorget in October 2009. Soon is the 10th anniversary and Urban Deli will open a new bar, Post Bar, at Nytorget. The bar focuses on natural and crafty wines served on tap and in bottles and has a food philosophy based on reuse and innovative processing of our raw materials from the store and the marketplace.

– Urban Deli’s vision is to make food life easier, better and happier. We are driven by curiosity, playfulness and being able to offer something more. Our own food lab, sourdough hotel, the bread beer and that we bring our regulars on mushroom outing are different expressions for our driving forces, said Jesper Weidlitz, one of the founders of Urban Deli. Now we take the next step in our development and open the Post Bar, which will complement the existing restaurant and shop, continues Jesper.

With casual wine tasting, cool music and savvy sommelier, the goal is to create a bar where it’s easy to try new wines and eat something new exciting and sustainable.

Food philosophy rests on two foundation stones – reuse and innovative processing of our raw materials from the store and market hall. The Post Bar will serve a lot of green and Swedish in season, using natural flavoring and traditional techniques such as drying, digging, lactation and fermentation. The commodities will be in focus and reinforced with natural flavors and a simple expression.

Some of the wine selection will be served on crane. There will also be a range of craft beer, new innovative non-alcoholic beverages and a simple but good range of spirits and drinks.

– We will serve wine from producers where the natural and artisan drinks are at the center. We have chosen not to limit ourselves to a specific area in the world, but rather to choose wines based on the terms sustainable, accessible and good, says Jesper Weidlitz.

The concept of serving wine on tap fits well with Urban Deli’s commitment to sustainability and quality. By not using bottles and shipping these the wine growers save time and costs and the Post Bar can in turn offer better wine for the money and work sustainably without unnecessary waste.

The Post Bar will open on November 8th and will be open every day from 16:00.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Södermalm