Updated Angels in America is premiered at Dramaten

By on January 9, 2018

Love and politics on sweaty dance floor when updated Angels in America is premiered at Dramaten

Tony Kushner’s multifaceted award-winning Angels in America, which many see as one of the most important dramatic works of the 1900s, is played for the first time at Dramaten. For directing stands Farnaz Arbabi in a new version of the play. Part 1 is premiere February 1, Part 2 is premiered February 22nd.

1980s New York. God has forsaken the people who try to live their lives despite the AIDS epidemic and the conservative Reagan administration. One of these affected people is chosen, an angel descends to convince him that he is the only one who can save the world from a demise. Angels in America is a story that moves freely between the supernatural and the unbearably real.

Kushner’s play draws lines between the Reagans 80’s and McCarthy’s 50’s, with conservative and reactionary regimes that hit hard against minorities and already marginalized groups. This set also draws lines in time to today’s US and Trump, as a new conservative leader who does not hesitate to restrict rights for women, queers, migrants and other norm breakers.

– I work on club culture as the place of activism and resistance. 80’s overflowing sweaty dance floor suddenly slipped empty when people became ill and died – while others remained away for fear of getting sick. AIDS forced back many in the wardrobe, while others who had not previously bothered politics went straight from the dance floor to getting stuck at the headquarters of pharmaceutical companies to awaken opinion, says Farnaz Arbabi.

The play consists of two parts. Tony Kushner updates the script regularly and Dramaten will play the very latest version in a new translation. Angels in America has been awarded with the Pulitzer Prize For Drama and a Tony Award for Best Play. 2003 became the television series with among others Al Pacino in the role list.

Angels in America;
Premiere Part 1 Millennium February 1, Elverket
Premiere part 2 Perestrojka February 22, Elverket
First game date for both parts March 3, Elverket

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm