Upcoming star Janice releases brand new single “Answer”

By on January 20, 2017

Prior to 2017 Dagens Nyheter crowned Janice to one of Culture hopes for 2017, just weeks after receiving the award Janice releases the single “Answer”.

“Answer”  is an emotional anthem she co-authored with Andreas Söderlund (HYENA) and Joel Sjöö.  In stark grief she sings up a bare letter to father who passed away four years earlier.

“Daddy I feel lost
Wish You Could Hear My Song
It’s been four years, without you
Never knew time Could move so slow
It’s been four years, without you
Daddy can you cover my soul”

It feels great to finally release the Answer, It’s a song that means a lot to me because it is my cry and my grief. I have found it difficult to talk about longing for my father but through
music it becomes natural. I hope that my pain can be a comfort to others and make us talk more about mental illness, says Janice.

“Answer” was the first song that Janice wrote for her debut album that is coming later this fall. From a melody that has been in the head for a while she played the chords on the piano, at the same time the very personal text came through. Janice is constantly working to find the light in the dark and to move between the extremes. Simplicity always wins, and with a voice that does not require much more than a mic is easy to understand why.

Janice made her debut with the single “Do not Need to” the end of in April 2016, and after that everything happened very quickly. The song struck a nerve in many, ranging from indie blogs Ricky Martin, and her amazing voice spread around the world. The much-publicized debut was one of 2016’s most played songs in P3, Music Wizard in P3 named it one of the year’s best when they summed Music year 2016 and as obvious was that Janice was one of four Culture hopes for 2017 in Dagens Nyheter. Recently, Janice commuted between Stockholm and London to work out the debut album together with Hyena, Honne, Javeon Mccarthy and Two Inch Punch.

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