Upcoming exhibition: Flora Vagi 5–23/10 2019

By on July 13, 2019
”Bluegold flow”, brooch by Flora Vagi

Choosing the right material is, like finding the right language to express your thoughts.

Since the first encounter, wood has been a source of physical attraction, inspiration and a ‘feeling of home’ for me. Wood continues to live and changes even after being processed and turned into an object. It took me a while to understand fully, what fascinated me so much about this material.

Trees are majestic creatures. Their root belongs to the earth and their crown to the sky, creating a magicalsymmetry between depth and hight. There is an encrypted memory in trees, as they are the most silent witnesses of history far beyond human existence.

While I make a piece in wood or paper, I like to imagine the past of the material. They all have a certain perfume, texture and temperature, which also becomes part of the work. I try to enhance what already lies within, but is not visible in a material. I consider jewellery pieces small sculptures, that no matter how tiny, can stand on their own, regardless of whether they are placed on a shelf, on the wall or in a vitrine. When they are worn on the body, another chapter of their story starts and they are no longer silent. They start to converse through a mediator.

– Flora Vagi –
Flora Vagi is living and working in Budapest. She has a MA degree in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Jewellery and Metalwork from Royal College of Art in London, as well as degrees from Florence, Italy and Taxco, Mexico and is working on her PhD in Sculpture at University of Pécs, Hungary. Flora has been taking part in a great number of exhibitions all around Europe and USA and is represented in various public collections, for instanceVictoria & Albert Museum, London, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, USA, Coda Museum, Apeldoom, Netherlands, Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany, Marzee collection, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

One of her pieces, the ”Aqua profonda”bracelet was selected for the European Prize for Applied Arts in 2018.

Flora Vagi
“Touching Silence”, wood, paper
5–23/10 2019

Culture | Upcoming exhibition: Flora Vagi 5–23/10 2019