Upcoming exhibition: Emma Dahlqvist 3-21/2 2018

By on December 13, 2017

Exhibition Konsthantverkarna
Emma Dahlqvist
It’s Now or Näver 2.0

Emma Dahlqvist investigates the possibilities of birch-bark. Through experimental and unconventional methods, she explores new expressions and qualities of the material. Dahlqvist works at the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and digital technology. She is interested in mixing the conventional methods of processing the birch-bark, which are often deeply rooted in a handicraft tradition, with new techniques to widen the experience and functions of the material.

Using techniques such as laser cutting, origami and pleating she works process-based and experimental with the material. In the meeting of the raw natural material and the exact laser technology, an interesting breakpoint arises which challenges our way of looking at the birch bark.

Dahlqvist began to work with birch bark under the master’s degree in textile design, at Textilhögskolan in Borås, where she studied textile qualities in the material. In her graduation work, It’s Now or Näver, she used laser cutting to manipulate the hard and stable qualities of the birch bark to become drapable, stretchy or tactile – qualities conventionally associated with textiles. The work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and was taken as part of the Young Swedish Form 2016.

The exhibition is scheduled for 3-21 February 2018.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm