Uncomfortable questions of morality in a dark future

By on March 3, 2017

What happens when we can live out our most forbidden fantasies? If we do not have any consequences? In the future dystopia The Nether asks uncomfortable questions with Reine Brynolfsson as possible perpetrator and Nina Zanjani as a Detective Inspector on the scene. Premiere March 23, Small Stage, Royal Dramatic Theatre.

In a not too distant future, the internet has evolved into the Nether. A virtual world just as real as our own, where the trees are still growing. A world of hiding places where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, whatever you want.

The police investigating suspected abuse in one of Nethers secret rooms. But how does one judge criminal acts without real victims? And if you spend almost every waking hour in a parallel world – which world is then the real?

– The Nether is a play about who we become in this new world. Where is the difference between fantasy and reality if the imagination is more real than reality? Between good and evil? Between the “I” as the login and “I” in reality ?, says the director Lena Endre.

– I saw the play at the Duke of York’s Theatre for just over a year ago and was struck by the timeliness of it and how we do not really want to know, can not be bothered to bring in the reality of how the network might look like today. The Nether is partly a critique against the dehumanization and numb empathy as a login means for some, and a social and environmental criticism.

The Nether, by the American playwright Jennifer Haley, was first performed in the US in 2013 and has since among others been given at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London. The play was awarded in 2012 with the international Susan Smith Blackburn Prize which annually recognizes outstanding works by female playwrights.

Sims / Papa: Reine Brynolfsson
Morris: Nina Zanjani
Doyle: Magnus Ehrner
Woodnut: Christoffer Svensson
The role of “Iris”: Sigrid Johnson / Anastasia Leppist / Marielle Malmberg

Translation: Ragnar Strömberg
Director: Lena Endre
Set Design: Mats Sahlström, Lena Endre and Ann Bonander Looft
Video Production Design: Visual Relief
Costumes: Ann Bonander Looft
Composer and sound designer: Magnus Grenstedt
Light: Jens Sethzman

Dramaten &: Talk after the show
The networks underworld
Grooming means that any contact with others to later commit abuses. In most cases, these are men who seek contact with young girls. How does the law look like? What can and does the police to prevent a crime online?
Talk after the show with the region’s police chief Carin Götblad, director Lena Endre and actors Nina Zanjani and Christoffer Svensson. Moderator Jacob Hirdwall, dramaturge.
March 31, 15 minutes after the show, Small Stage

Victims and perpetrators
In the play The Nether, we meet people who turned the real world the back and that more and more live in imaginary worlds where it can be difficult to distinguish between what is right and wrong.
Talk after the show with director Lena Endre and actor Reine Brynolfsson and psychotherapist Börje Svensson, who worked for many years with the perpetrators who have committed sexual offenses and also with the victims of such abuse. Moderator Jacob Hirdwall, dramaturge.
April 20, 15 minutes after the show, Small Stage

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