Ulf Lundin shows the video work “5-9”

By on September 21, 2017

Clarion Hotel Stockholm shows Ulf Lundin’s video work “5-9” in the hotel entrance between 21 September 2017 and 17 January 2018. In “5-9” Lundin has put together a lot of photographs and video clips in a collage that forms the video. The work reflects everyday work in an office where the true portrait of office workers is not the main thing. Instead, the artist wants to ask the spectator: “How do we live our lives?”

In the video “5-9”, everyday work at an office in the Stockholm area can be followed. The work is remotely filmed during the dark hours of the day. The raw material has then been digitally edited to a 27-minute uninterrupted camera shooting. What happens at the same time may in fact have taken place at different times at monthly intervals. The result is a compressed everyday life where time and space are manipulated.

Ulf Lundin is an educated still-life photographer and works today with both photography and video. His works have been shown in many different exhibitions both inside and outside Sweden. Ulf Lundin is represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm.

– It feels exciting to show “5-9” in a public environment as in a hotel. It is a different type of exposure than previously received. In addition, the work is recorded in a hotel where I spent a lot of time in a period. The experience was strange when I did not want to tell what I was doing and was struggling to appear “normal” in front of the hotel staff, says Ulf Lundin, artist.

– Clarion Hotel Stockholm wants to be a vibrant meeting place and stand for art, music and design. Our video art as shown in the entrance since autumn 2016 has become an obvious feature of the guest experience. Our view is that the video art enriches both the guest who stays and follows the entire video show as well as the guest who only get a glimpse of the art when passing by, says Ida-Maja Tejle, Operations Manager at Clarion Hotel Stockholm.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm