Two miniatures of Anonymouse in Gustavsberg harbor!

By on June 28, 2018

On the invitation from Värmdö municipality, the network Anonymouse has interpreted life in Gustavsberg, based on the cultural heritage, renewal and life that is under way there. The installations in miniature format are now visible to the public.

Anonymouse calls themselves a “loosely assembled network of mice and humans” and has been in operation since March 2016. In their installations, the network plays the idea that there is a world just outside our field of vision, where mice and other small animals live a bit like we humans and takes care of things we lose or throw. The group is often based on the exhibition site’s history and cultural heritage in its work and forms this in a new story. The hope is that the new installation will appeal to a broad audience and experience enrichment for the port area.

– It feels both exciting and honorable that Anonymouse has chosen to interpret Gustavsberg’s life in this unique way, says Fredrik Sneibjerg (L), municipal council and chairman of the Culture and Recreation Board, Värmdö Municipality. The cooperation also opens in a fun and innovative way for the municipality to present and make public art available.

Anonymouse initially knew Gustavsberg as a cultural and industrial community, famous for its porcelain factory. However, after visiting the site and reading about its history, the image was painted up by a city in change.

– Beautiful old industrial facilities remain, but are now synonymous with newly built apartment buildings, and people move here for reasons other than working at the factory. If Gustavsberg has completely found its new identity among tourism, boats, studio activities, new construction and history of use, it remains to be seen. And all in all, life is going on. We have tried to portray it, explains the group.

The installations are located on two different sides of Chamotte Road in the Porcelain Quarter.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Gustavsbergs hamn